Rideouts are important when motorcyclists meet. And of course, we would like to show you all the best of our countryside scenery. But this time we want to split into different routes, and the reason for that is to avoid queing on the road. The routes have different goals, but they are all along roads that we think you will enjoy.

The rideouts below are marked with three different colors, and that indicates what you may experience when riding them:

  • Black course: Steep hills, need for good brakes and reliable engine
  • Red course: Medium difficulties, some hills and challenges. Normal ride.
  • Green course: Easy peacy, normal ride. Best one for the oldest bikes.

Please take som time to study the rideouts below:

Rideout Friday

Morgedal – “The cradle of skiing” – red – 50 km:

The ride to Morgedal (Norsk Skieventyr) on Friday is a special offer to you who want to use the Friday to explore the surrounding area. People have used skiing as a mode of transport for over 4000 years. However in the 1800’s downhill skiing as we know it today was influenced like never before by Sondre Norheim from Morgedal. Who was this charismatic character who changed ski design and gave us the world’s first carving ski and full heel binding? Where did he live and what was it about the terrain he grew up in that so inspired him to develop skis and new techniques just for the pure rush of the downhill? The answers are waiting for you in Morgedal, this magic little Norwegian valley which gave ski sport to the world.

Jazz lovers flock to New Orleans, Elvis fans congregate in Memphis, ski enthusiasts travel to the little mountain valley of Morgedal. What do they all have in common? The search for the original… Maybe it is time you took the skiers pilgrimage to Morgedal – no flashy chairlifts, ritzy bars or designer ski wear… just the world’s first slalom slopes, still in their original condition and a valley where people have always loved to ski.

Rideouts – Saturday

Hill Climb – Vrådal Panoramablack:

The Hill Climb tour is a competition on ideal time. You will be instructed to drive the winding course on a spesific speed. The one closest to that speed/time wins the throphy. Joins Rideout 1 course after the Hill Climb.

Rideout 1 – Hillclimb, Dalen Hotel + Eidsborg stave church.black – 103 km

Eidsborg stave church

Start Straand Hotel, Vrådal 10.30 AM

Hold right out from the start on to Rv 41, take first left on to Rv 38.
Ride 3,3 km, then take to the left (by the end of Vråvatn lake) towards the skiing slope. After 500 m take to the right (skiing slope straight ahead)
Ride on the west side of Vråvatn lake to Rv 38 by Vråliosen.
Take to the left on Rv 38 and take to the right in the first crossection towards Bandaksli by the Bandak lake. At Bandaksli take a left towards Dalen.
At Dalen take Rv 45 right city centre and hold left by the docks, up the steep hills to Eidsborg Stavkirke / Vest-Telemark Museum, witch is located at the left side of the road.

Take to the right out on Rv 45 towards Dalen. Please take a stop and view Dalen Hotel. Then take Rv 38 in direction Drangedal to Åmdals Verk, and to Vråliosen. Then follow Rv 38 to Vrådal.

Rideout 2 – Canal boats in locks, Norways car “TROLL” on display at the museumred – 108 km:


Canal boat in the locks.

Start Straand Hotel, Vrådal 11.00 AM

Take to the right from the start, on to Rv 41 and follow Rv 41 down the steep slopes (“Kleivene”), then turn right at Kviteseid Bygdetun (folk museum). Ride towards Fjågesund and then turn left over the bridge. Follow the road to Kilen, where you turn right towards Lunde. Drive 13,4 km, then take to the right towards Ajer (Important!!) . At Ajer there is a road heading right (Important, again!), witch leads across the bridge, directly to the TROLL car.
Then take right in the intersection, to Lunde locks.

After the Lunde locks, take rights on to the main road towards Hogga.
Heksas Kjøkken (kitchen) is on the right side of the road.
Head out, to the right from Heksas Kjøkken, out on the main road, witch passes over Strengen bridge and towards Flåbygd to Kviteseid Bygdetun.
Coffee stop at Kviteseid Bygdetun. Then up “Kleivene” back to Straand Hotel.

Rideout 3 -Technical museum (Z-museum), cable ferry ride on the way home. green:

Ziener-museum, Treungen

Start from Straand Hotel 11.30 AM.

Turn left from start out on Rv 41. Drive down to Nissedal and Treungen, where you find the Ziener-Museum.

Ride back on the west side of Nisservann to Framnes. Take the cable ferry back to Rv 41. Take left on Rv 41, and ride back to Straand Hotel.