International Indian Rally Norway 2023

03. august – 06. august 2023, Vrådal – Norway

The location of the 2023 International Indian Rally is in Vrådal, in the Telemark region of Norway. Telemark is in the heart of Norway, and has a lot of spectacular nature and scenery, just a short drive from the ferry connections in Larvik, Oslo and Kristiansand. And you will find the roads exciting, winding and perfect for motorcycle travel. From the camp at Straand Hotel you can reach the mountain passes, forrests and the even the seaside. The Norwegian Indian Club welcomes you to Vrådal in august 2023.

Where :

The place is Vrådal, 20 kilometers further west from Seljord. We are proud to present a rally deep in the heart of Norway, with lakes, beautiful scenery and stunning motorcycle roads.
The rally site is Straand Hotel, Vrådal. Here is a map with the location.

The Straand Hotel is a historic hotel from 1864. The last few years they have had a profile of supporting active tourism. Biking, motorcycling, and outdoors activities. It is called “Hub Riding”. You can watch this commersial to se what they mean.

When :

The date for the International Indian Rally is set to 03. – of August 2023.

Rally program:

Onsdag 2. august
10.00                     Innflytting i leiligheter for staben.
10.00 – 18.00     Rigging av sekretariat.
10.00 – 18.00     Rigging av uteområdet / skilting.
Torsdag 3. august
12.00 – 24.00     Innsjekking starter
12.00                     Booking båtturer fredag.
14.00 – 20.00     Løypekjøring 3 alternativer
14.00                     Rigging av campingplasser
20.00                     Musikk
Fredag 4. august
10.00 – 24.00     Innsjekking
10.00                     Salg av t-trøyer
11.00                     Anvisning av teltplassering /grill/benker/streetfood
12.00                     Frivillig tur til Morgedal (serviceteam 0)
16.00 – 19.00     Båtturer (to turer ?)
20.00                     Åpningsseremoni
21.00                     Musikk
Lørdag 5. august
08.00 – 11.00     Frokost.
08.00 – 12.00     Løypemerking ?
09.00 – 11.00     Matpakkeutlevering?
10.00 – 12.00     Sekretariat.
10.00                     Hillclimb (hillclimbteam) ?
10.00                     Rideout 1) Dalen (+ Eidsborg)  (serviceteam 1).
10.30                     Rideout 2) Lunde (serviceteam 2).
10.30                     Rideout 3) Treungen (serviceteam 3).
17.00                     Presidentmøte.
20.00                     Middag.
22.00                     Premieutdeling.
22.30                     Musikk
18.00                     Salg av t-skjorter.
20.00                     Utlodning.
Søndag 6. august 2023
08.00 – 11.00     Frokost
11.00                     Nedrigging
11.00                     Utflytting av leiligheter


Camping with a tent is the standard accomodation included in the entrance fee. A camper or a caravan is also an option, but will require a larger area and power connections. The Straand Hotel offers hotel rooms. You may contact them on this website.

Ferrys and connections:

Strømstad – Sandefjord (150 km to Vrådal)
Suggested ride to rally site.

Kiel – Oslo (190 km to Vrådal).
Suggested ride to rally site.

København – Oslo (190 km to Vrådal)
Suggested ride to rally site.

Fredrikshavn – Oslo (190 km to Vrådal)
Suggested ride to rally site.

Hirtshals – Larvik (130 km to Vrådal)
Suggested ride to rally site.

Hirtshals – Langesund (120 km to Vrådal)
Suggested ride to rally site.

Nederland – Kristiansand (170 km to Vrådal)
Suggested ride to rally site.

We recommend to choose the minor roads, avoiding the highways (E18/E134). Unless you are in a hurry. Prior to the rally we will present to you some of the best motorcycle roads to the destination.

Tour suggestions:

If you are new to traveling in Norway, we can offer a few recommodations for your vacation. And if you take some time prior to or after the rally we can promise you several good places to visit.


Indian riders from all Europe (and overseas) are welcome to the 2023 Rally. Norwegian participants must have a membership in The Norwegian Indian Club.

The entrance fee is set to 120 euro and includes:
* Participation at the Rally.
* Breakfast Saturday and Sunday.
* Evening dinner on Saturday.
* Rideout on Saturday.
* Bag with a small gift.
* Free camping with tent.